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The wines from our winery are characterized by their freshness and well-balanced acidity. This is because our vineyards are located in high-altitude areas, which allows for a slow ripening of the grapes and better preservation of their natural acidity.


Each wine reflects the identity and unique character of the terroir where it comes from. Our winery's own vineyards are located in the best wine regions of Argentina. Our wines are the authentic expression of the terroir they come from.


We are a winery that innovates and experiments constantly with new grape varieties, winemaking techniques, and aging methods to create unique and exciting wines.


We are committed to sustainability. Therefore, we use environmentally friendly agricultural and winemaking practices to preserve biodiversity in our vineyards.

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Vineyards with History

The result of four generations of winemakers | From Spain to Argentina

Our estate vineyards are located in Mendoza´s heart, Argentina, one of the most renowned wine regions in the world. We take pride in creating exceptional wines that reflect the natural beauty of our vineyards and our family´s dedication to winemaking.

Since 1990